Fluency (Stuttering)

Do you or a loved one have difficulty speaking fluently? Do they stutter, repeat sounds, or get stuck on sounds or words? Are they becoming aware of their speech impediment and becoming withdrawn? Is it affecting their personal or professional relationships, or impeding their academic success and ability to make new friends?

At Speech Therapy For All, we believe fluency therapy should be as individualistic and unique as the patient receiving therapy. Our therapists are proud to promote enhanced fluency through individualized patient-centered approaches, in a welcoming and positive atmosphere. Learn more about our services!

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What is Fluency?

Fluency disorder, also known as stuttering, is a communication disorder characterized by disrupted fluency and flow of speech. It may be caused by physical, psychological, or neurological issues. Individuals with a fluency disorder may produce involuntary repetitions, prolongations, or pauses of sounds or syllables when speaking. Speech therapy is the primary treatment for fluency disorder, and it can help individuals learn strategies to manage their speech, such as slowing down speech or taking a breath before speaking.


Signs and symptoms of a fluency disorder:

A fluency disorder can affect anyone, but it typically begins in childhood. Early intervention to improve speech in early childhood can be beneficial to your child in multiple ways, such as being comfortable speaking in front of others, developing social skills, and setting them up for success in the classroom. Look out for these signs:

  • Difficulty starting words or sentences

  • Prolonging words or sounds in a word

  • Pauses within words (broken words)

  • Repetition of sounds, syllables, or words

  • Not using words that might cause stuttering

  • Rearranging words within sentences

  • Choosing not to speak

  • Pretending to forget what they were going to say

  • Using filler sounds between words

  • Trying to cover up stuttering

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What is Fluency Therapy?

Fluency therapy is a specialized speech therapy used to help individuals who struggle with stuttering, a disorder that affects the fluency of speech. Through this therapy, clients learn specific strategies to help them become more aware of their speech patterns and control their flow of words. The goal of fluency therapy is to help the individual become more fluent, confident, and comfortable when speaking. It can also help improve articulation, pronunciation, intonation, and speed of speech.

Fluency therapy is a safe and proven method to help people improve their speaking skills. By working with a speech-language pathologist, individuals can develop the skills and strategies necessary to reduce the frequency and severity of their stutter, improving their overall communication and quality of life.


Ways you can show support:

If your child or someone you know has a fluency disorder, it is important to be as supportive as you can so they feel comfortable developing their social and communicational skills. The ways you can show support include:

  • Be patient and supportive by giving them time to finish their sentences and show you are listening to them.

  • Provide a safe and comfortable environment where they can express themselves without judgment.

  • Offer encouragement and positive reinforcement.

Fluency therapy can be an incredibly effective way to help people improve their speaking skills. It focuses on helping people become more aware of their speech patterns, as well as helping them to identify and use strategies to reduce stuttering. It can also help to reduce the amount of speaking-related anxiety that individuals might feel. With the help of a qualified fluency therapist at Speech Therapy For All, individuals can reap the benefits of fluency therapy and enjoy the positive results that come with it. Schedule a free consultation with a speech therapist at one of our locations in Riverhead, NY, or Southampton, NY, and learn how fluency therapy can help!

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