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What Is Aphasia?

Aphasia is a neurogenic language disorder that often occurs as a result of brain injury, generally in the left side of the brain. Typically, aphasia can impair a person’s writing abilities, reading comprehension, and spoken language. In many instances, people with aphasia have nonlinguistic cognitive skills that remain largely unchanged.

Not every instance of aphasia affects people in the same way, and each case is unique. In some cases, people may see improvement in their aphasia symptoms as they regain their ability to communicate during recovery. It is not uncommon for other symptoms of speech impairment to overlap with those of aphasia, making it critical to seek care from an experienced team of speech therapy professionals.

Aphasia Treatment

At Speech Therapy For All, we take the time to thoroughly assess each patient’s specific needs. Because aphasia treatment requires individualized approaches to provide the best possible care, our team creates specific goals that we’d like to achieve during our initial assessment. Ultimately, our mission is to help each person achieve their maximum potential and achieve high levels of independent function.

We work with patients to help maximize their strengths and work through weaknesses through new skills and strategies that are customized to suit the needs of each individual. There are a variety of approaches that can be taken towards aphasia treatment, and we take a family-centered approach to care with a focus on both compensatory and restorative treatments.

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