Articulation Therapy

Articulation is a form of speech centered around the adjustments and movements of producing a certain sound. While for many people, creating specific sounds may come naturally — for others, the inability to produce certain sounds can be an overwhelming challenge. Proper articulation requires the seamless integration and coordination of many systems including the tongue, lips, jaws, and vocal cords that are responsible for the formation of sounds, syllables, and words.

At Speech Therapy For All, our speech pathologists are highly-skilled in working with both children and adults that have difficulty producing certain sounds or syllables through articulation therapy. With two locations— one in Riverhead, NY, and a second location in Southampton, NY — along with teletherapy sessions, our team can help your loved one determine if they have an articulation disorder and the best speech therapy for their individual needs. Contact our team of speech pathologists today for a free consultation.

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What is an Articulation Disorder?

Articulation disorders are characterized by the inability or difficulty to produce certain sounds, syllables, or words. Signs someone may have an articulation disorder are:

  • Omissions/deletions of certain sounds (ex. Saying “ca” for “cat”)

  • Substitutions of one or more sounds (ex. “Dat” for “that”)

  • Distortions where certain sounds or words are altered or changed (ex. “Poon” for “spoon”)

  • Additions of one or more extra sounds into a word

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What is Articulation Therapy?

During articulation therapy, a qualified speech therapist will work with the individual one-on-one to help overcome their articulation difficulties. During the first consultation, a Speech Therapy For All speech pathologist will assess to determine if speech therapy is needed. If it is determined that speech therapy is the best treatment plan, a treatment plan will be created based on the severity of the articulation disorder.

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Hierarchy Stages

Articulation therapy is a form of speech therapy that uses a hierarchy approach, where one sound at a time is focused on until it is mastered. The general hierarchy stages are as follows:

  1. The individual can listen and hear the difference between the proper and improper articulation of a sound

  2. The individual can produce the sound in isolation from other words or sounds

  3. The individual is capable of saying the sound with a vowel

  4. The individual can say the sound within single words

  5. The individual can say the sound in two-word phrases

  6. The individual can say the sound in a full sentence

  7. The individual is now capable of using the sound in a full conversation

If you believe your child or an adult loved one is struggling with articulation deficits, please reach out to Speech Therapy For All if you have concerns with your child's overall pronunciation . During a free consultation, we can help determine if articulation therapy is right for your family’s needs. We look forward to helping you along your speech therapy journey.

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