When is the right time to try speech therapy?

When is the right time to try speech therapy?

“My son isn’t talking.” My daughter wont eat certain foods” “My son screams in frustration when he cant let me know what he wants”.

These are some of the many statements we hear from parents when they are telling us about their children. Many times parents are just frustrated and not sure what they can do. .

The scariest comment we hear, and what worries parents the most, is when they say that their child is not talking. But, depending on the child’s age and gender, there may not be cause for alarm. The American Speech and Hearing Association ( ASHA) has listed when there may be an issue – see below).

From ASHA website : “Language Disorders

Language is made up of the words we use to share ideas and get what we want. Language includes speaking, understanding, reading, and writing. A child with a language disorder may have trouble with one or more of these skills.

Signs of language problems include:

Birth–3 months Not smiling or playing with others

4–7 months

Not babbling

7–12 months

Making only a few sounds. Not using gestures, like waving or pointing.

7 months–2 years

Not understanding what others say

12–18 months

Saying only a few words

1½–2 years

Not putting two words together

2 years

Saying fewer than 50 words

2–3 years

Having trouble playing and talking with other children

2½–3 years

Having problems with early reading and writing. For example, your child may not like to draw or look at books.”


If your child falls into any of these categories, it may be beneficial to get a speech language evaluation to rule out any deficiencies. This can be done online to assist you – especially during these uncertain times with social distancing and protecting your loved ones from this virus. Contact us for more information – we offer a free consultation.