Summer Speech Services

Summer is seen as a time of relaxation, fun, and family vacations, but it can also be a time of missed opportunities for children who struggle with speech or language. By continuing speech therapy over the summer, they can stay on track with their progress and maybe even catch up to their peers before the new school year begins. Here are just a few reasons why:


1. Help reduce regression.

Speech therapy is used to help individuals who have difficulty with communication, which can include language, fluency, articulation, and voice issues. Children with speech disorders often struggle to keep up in school, leading to academic setbacks, social anxiety, and lower self-esteem. Because speech therapy sessions are often scheduled during the school day, taking a break over the summer months can cause some children to regress in their progress, which can have long-term consequences.

By using health insurance to access private speech therapy services, parents can ensure that their child is receiving the best possible care for their unique needs.


2. More frequent sessions

Summer is also a time where children have the opportunity to catch up before the new school year begins. Without the added pressure of schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and social events, children are able to focus on improving their speech and language skills. This can give them an advantage when classes resume, as they may feel more confident in their abilities and be able to express themselves more clearly in class and with their peers


3. Faster progress.

It is important to remember that the school system is often limited in the services they can provide due to budget constraints, caseloads, and time limitations. This makes private speech therapy sessions a valuable resource for students who need additional support in their speech and language development. By continuing or even increasing their sessions over the summer, children can continue to make strides in improving their communication abilities.


4. Personalized care.

Another factor to consider is that summer can be a time of transition for many students. Whether it's transitioning from one grade to another, one school to another, or even transitioning from therapy with one therapist to another, it can be a difficult adjustment. By attending speech therapy sessions over the summer, children can develop better relationships with their therapist and maintain consistency in their treatment, which can be especially beneficial for children who struggle with transitions.

Overall, receiving speech therapy over the summer through private insurance or private pay is essential for children so they don't fall behind and for the possibility of catching up before the new school year. By continuing to work on their speech and language skills, children can maintain or accelerate their progress, ultimately leading to improved academic and social outcomes. We encourage parents and caregivers to consider the benefits of summer speech therapy sessions for their children.

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