Reservations about teletherapy?

Reservations about teletherapy?

Reservations about teletherapy for your little one?

I often get the question about whether teletherapy in lieu of hands on direct therapy is effective. While they are both different approaches, and some may have a strong preference over one type or the other, teletherapy is an effective service delivery model and there are so many reasons it can be a wonderful way to kick start your child’s speech.

Here are some of my favorite reasons to give it a try!

1. Research has found very few differences between telepractice and traditional in-person therapy! Also, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) has recognized teletherapy as an effective method of service delivery since 2005.

2. Teletherapy means receiving services and support within in your child’s most natural environment. You live at home and likely spend much of your time at home. This is your child’s main communicative environment! Why not use items within the home and home based routines as communication activities?

3. Parent education and parent coaching are a significant part of your child’s therapy and carry over. The right parent training is immensely more valuable than a couple sessions a week where the child may be seen at school or day care, with parents away!

Lastly, we offer a no commitment, free consultation first session!